July 3, 2015

Annual Hands-on-Learning Billy Cart Challenge

RTL students capture the exciting last day of the 2015 HOL Billy Cart Challenge.

Camera Crew: Elijah Borg, Josh Daly, Harry Maxwell.


May 21, 2015

Tree-to-Sea surfboard Day

RTL students participated in a timber surfboard making day at the Tree-to-sea workshop in Mount Eliza last Friday.

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Tree-to-sea is owned and operated by Robert Ivers, Gary Miller and Darren Minchen; Mornington Peninsula residents who have lived and surfed on the Peninsula all of their lives.

The students began making timber bodyboards, which will later be sold for charity.

Mt Eliza Men’s Shed members assisted the students, demonstrating the proper use of timber-shaping tools.

Students will continue their surfboard-making adventures in the coming term.

The event was organised through the efforts of Senior Techies’ founder Merv Stewart, who is passionate about increasing intergenerational connections on the Mornington Peninsula.

Incidentally, the event has received over 1600 likes to date on the BeyondBlue Facebook page. 

Tree to sea link

May 20, 2015

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April 25, 2015

Anzac Day

RTL students made a significant contribution to this year’s Anzac Day commemoration.

RTL front page article

RTL front page article

Mornington News front page article

Dec 27, 2014

RTL and Texas Instruments to host 2015 Maths Conference at MESC

RTL is honoured to host a special technology in the maths classroom conference at MESC on March 20, 2015.

Please download flier for further information
maths 2015 flier



To register your interest please contact Luke Kerr here

Dec 3rd, 2014


LEC2014 was a teacher training seminar hosted by Texas Instruments in preparation for the National Maths Conference at LaTrobe University on December 4th.

Mount Waverley Secondary College hosted the event and RTL students were invited to document the conference and to assist with social media.

Video: Luke Kerr and Steve Arnold talking about 21st century education.

Camera work: Andrew Wright, Oliver Green and Peter Brumby Evans.

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November 24

Year 7 final 2014 assembly video

November 18

Senior Techies

RTL students teaching seniors about technology

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October 18

Project Body Image

Year 7 and 8 RTL students presented a wonderful show at The Mornington Food and Wine Festival

story link

September 1

My Ed

Year 7 and 8 students teaching teachers about technology in the classroom

August 8, 2014

Senior Techies

August 5, 2014

The First Shot Commemoration (Photos by RTL)

June 15, 2014


‘Hamish’ from the RSPCA visited RTL today to explain to students how they can help make animals’ lives more comfortable. His owner, Claire, spoke very well also!

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May 30, 2014

Real Time Learning is proud to announce that our students will be volunteering for the senior techies. Senior techies is a program designed for seniors to learn to use our latest technology. Senior Techies founder, Merv Stuart, visited Mount Eliza Secondary College to talk to the Real Time Learning students about the project. The story captivated the minds of the students who are now offering their time to teach seniors their knowledge on appliances such as, Ipads, computers, phones and TV.

By Oli Heavey

June 2, 2014

Students presenting to Mornington Shire Council

Thursday, February 27. 

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Nearly 200 parents and students  attended the Mount Eliza Secondary College Year 7 and 8  BBQ and information evening tonight.

Principal Angela Pollard, and RTL Program Director Luke Kerr, introduced parents to the RTL team.

RTL and Hands on Learning Founder Russell Kerr spoke about the origins of the program and how RTL has been funded.

Year 8 students Amy and Shelby, talked about their impressions of the program, followed by Year 7 student Ed who presented his idea for a sustainable future.

Luke Kerr concluded the evening by introducing  the Hands on Learning team-members who will also be working with Mt Eliza students this year.


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