October 23

Body Image a great success


August 5th

RTL at the First Shot Event
Mt Eliza Secondary College was well represented at Today’s First Shot Event at Point Nepean. The following photos are courtesy of Realtime Learning students: Oliver Green, Thomas McQuie, Finn Bardolph and Pete Brumby-Evans who were assigned with the media at the event.


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July 26, 2014

Over 120 people attended a successful Project Longshot information afternoon at the Ranelagh Club, in Mt Eliza on Saturday.
Project Longshot is the mission the find the first Allied shot of the Great War: a 40 kilogram steel shell, which Australian forces fired at the German cargo ship SS Pfalz from a Fort Nepean gun on August 5th, 1914 .

The two-hour presentation introduced the First Shot story to Ranelagh Club members and guests from across the community.

Ranelagh Club president Lawrence Henderson opened the day with an emotional tribute to the Ranelagh Club’s longest-serving member and Kokoda veteran, Lionel Smith, before former Victorian Premier and Chair of the Victorian Anzac Day Committee, Mr Ted Baillieu spoke about his passion for Melbourne, its history, and the global significance of the first shot.

Major Bernie Gaynor, Chair of the First Shot Committee eloquently recounted the events of August 5th, 1914 and enthralled the audience with his enthusiasm and  knowledge of the first Allied shot of the Great War.

He also described the fascinating, but ill-fated, life of the SS Pfalz.

After Australian forces seized the ship, the Pfalz was renamed HMAT Boorara and served as an Australian troop-carrier in the Dardanelles and the North Sea. She was twice torpedoed and ended her life as a shipwreck off the Vancouver coast.

The event was attended by several relatives of  those involved when the first shot was fired.

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Margaret Robinson, grand-niece of Montgomery Robinson, the Australian pilot who allegedly scuffled with German captain Kuhiken for control of the Pfalz, shared some papers and cartoons of her famous relative with audience members.

Ken Penaluna, Grandson of gunner Edward Quirke, also attended with memorabilia.

Mount Eliza Secondary College RTL students Harry Maxwell and Josh Daly built an information display for the event, centrepiece of which was a beautiful replica shell that Josh Daly and his grandfather made during the recent school holidays.

Project Longshot Team Leader Mark Ryan outlined a timeline for the mission and spoke about the technical difficulties of searching for a small object in such a vast area and the equipment they will need to find a six-inch shell under a metre of sand. Mr Ryan is founder of Souther Ocean Exploration, Australia’s most successful shipwreck discovery team.

Terry Cantwell spoke about the importance of local stories and closed the day with a call for community involvement in Project Longshot.

On August 5th, 2014 a special commemorative event will be held at Point Nepean fort, which is open to all Australians.


March 8, 2014

RTL in for the Longshot
Students at Mt Eliza Real Time Learning have been invited to help find the first shot fired in WW1.

This exciting project, run by deep sea explorers Southern Ocean Exploration, hopes to find the shell that Australian forces fired at the German ship Pfalz as it tried to escape from Port Phillip Bay on the morning the Great War was declared.

SOE, Australia’s most successful shipwreck discovery team, has invited students to assist in the media campaign, in an equipment fundraising drive, and in project managing social media around the mission.

Students will be offered opportunities to participate in the on-water search with parental assistance.

This project offers students an insight into how a real media campaign is managed and will hopefully help them to develop a passion for maritime archaeology and Australian and local history.

It will also offer students an opportunity to develop networks in the public and private sectors.

Southern Ocean Exploration team leader Mark Ryan will be presenting a talk to students at Mt Eliza Secondary College soon.

Visit the Project Long Shot website here

Herald Sun article about Project Long Shot

ABC News article about the first shot fired in World War 1


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