Project Body Image

Project Body Image

These past few months RTL students have had the opportunity to partake in an experience promoting positive body image. Over the last 10 weeks students involved with project body image, have learnt that we need to change the way society thinks of women. With the support of Louise and Sarah we have had multiple meetings with different people, watched videos, and discussed how women get objectified in everyday life.

Project body image was a successful experience targeting young girls and boys who are growing up in a society where they feel that the way they look is more important than who they are. We discussed common issues in society and we all had the chance to voice our opinions. We had very fulfilling conversations, where we were able to share our deepest thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. This gave us a great opportunity to disprove myths and boost self-esteem. We learnt to accept our body shapes and sizes and take pride in who we truly are.

We investigated how fashion has changed over the past 100 years and held a show during the Main Street Festival in Mornington on Sunday 19 October at the Mornington Peninsula Youth Services stage area that highlighted the reasons for the fashion trends. Students presented small speeches about their chosen decade and modelled the clothes that were worn during that era. Although there were plenty of nerves on the day overall it was a very rewarding experience and we are glad we had the opportunity to be involved.

By Anastasia Giannakopoulos, Ebony Granger and Despi O’Connor

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4 thoughts on “Project Body Image

    1. mtelizarealtime Post author

      Thanks Peter,
      This is such a valuable program. If we can get the generations talking to each other and if students can benefit from the wisdom of our elders – who knows how much this could benefit the community as a whole.


    2. Louise

      Thanks Mandy I am really glad you enjoyed it, yes I worked really really hard on this and many hours were spent at home thinking up fun class ideas.

      Louise Watt

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