Project Longshot


2014 marks the centenary of World War 1 and Australia’s most successful shipwreck discovery team Southern Ocean Exploration (SOE) is planning a series of missions to find the first shot fired in the Great War.

The shell lies inside the opening to Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne.

Realtime Learning has been asked to assist in the media campaign, research,  fundraising efforts, a public awareness campaign and with the on-water search.

For more information about Project Longshot, please visit the mission site

Longshot News

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Longshot on radio.

Oli Heavey from 7D joined the Longshot Team for a radio interview yesterday morning. You can hear the interview here.

Well Done Oli.


One thought on “Project Longshot

  1. Bella worrall

    The man who gave the order to the first shot in World War 1 was commander Richard Stanley Veale. He was the one who was responsible for the shot. Incredibly he is also the person who gave the order for the first shot of World War 2. WHat a coincidence!

    Lots of Shells, but still no sign of the real one
    In the 1970’s a shell was found by a diver, whilst it would be great if this was right
    But unfortunately we can now confirm that shell isn’t the one fired from Point Nepean.
    The firing band at the base of the shell is still intact, which shows that it hasn’t been fired from a gun.
    Also experts have felt that the shell has been dumped in WW2 because the rusting is not severe.

    As minutes go by, experts are searching.
    Australia’s most successful shipwreck discovery team will volunteer all of its resources to find the shell: divers, boats, fuel and insurances – but we need this equipment if we are to have any chance of finding the shell

    Fundraising site

    project website

    find us on Facebook 

    The divers

    The film crew

    To help us get the right equipment to go into the sea and go looking for the shell.
    Thank you for everything

    And we can do it with your help

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