The Briars

The Briars Historical Homestead


History of the Briars

by Mia Winnell

Briars History

The Briars Today

by Oliver Farnill


Today, The Briars is a rural property in Mount Martha which is 230 hectares big and is full of native plants and animals. There are a variety of different things people do inside The Briars, such as bush walking, bird watching, visit a 200 year old historical homestead and garden, going to the ‘Angus & Rose Café’, Woodland walks, Go in the vineyard, school holiday and Outdoor-Ed camps, to have a picnic and have fun and to visit the shire nursery of native and indigenous plants. The briars walking trails are very popular, they go through the bush and people often see native wildlife when walking. There has been a music festival at the briars called blues at the briars which has happened annually since 2013.


Sustainability Day

The Animal Farm

(short video)



By Finn Bardolph

CFA briars Finn

Animal Farm

By Lucas

briarss lucas




















Button Making

By Patrick and Ewan

pat ewan








By Isobel Cantrell

Briars Break In




















Photo Gallery 1

by Spencer

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Photo Gallery 2

By Cathan


By Edey


By Bella and Isabelle

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